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Best Adsense Alternatives (CPM Banner) For Blogger / Blogspot

Why CPM banner? Because in terms of CPC no one can defeat Adsense. 
Many ads network including buysellads, tribal fusion that is called the best adsense alternatives not gonna accept you if you don't have your own domain. 
This is like "If you don't have money, you can't make money." 
And pop-up ads or interstitial ads can annoy your visitor.
So here I present to you the best adsense alternatives (CPM banner) for Blogger / Blogspot.
For example CPM rate = $0.1 (Not $1 like example from other website which is ridiculous). 
This means for 1000 impressions you will get $0.1. 
If your web / blog have 10000 impressions per day, you got $1 per day. 
But different ads network have different rule. 
For example there's something called fill rate. 
What is fill rate? Fill rate is percentage of ads that is served.
For example fill rate 10% means if you have 10000 impressions per day, the ads served is only 1000 impressions. 
You can use other ads network to fill the rest 9000 with passback tag.

Usually ads network with fill rate can give higher CPM rates = $0.1 - 0.5
Ads network that count all impression / 100% fill rate give lower CPM rates = $0.05 - 0.1 
About impression, sometimes ads network not count all impressions.
Sometimes only count visitor, sometimes unique visitor.
So don't expect to get what you count because it will miss most of the time.
If you wanna make money with CPM ads network, at least you need 1000 visitors per day.
Visitors from tier 1 country (USA, Canada, UK, Australia) can give higher CPM rates.

Now here's the list of top 4 best adsense alternatives (CPM) for Blogger / Blogspot:

1. Adversal. Count all impression / 100% fill rate.
You can also use ministitial ads that load when your web / blog load.
Ministitial is less annoying than pop-up ads.

2. Pulse Point. In past this ads network called Context Web.
You can set your CPM rates
Higher CPM rates = lower fill rates.
Lower CPM rates = higher fill rates.
You can experiment to get the highest revenue. For me it's $0.5 CPM rates.

3. Lijit. Use this as passback tag for pulsepoint because the CPM rates is lower.

4. Adfly. OK this is not CPM banner but interstitial ads.
Use this if your web / blog is sharing / download sites.
If not don't use it because it's annoying visitors.



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