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Free VPS Server Hosting without credit card(no credit card required)

Free VPS Hosing Server Hosting trial details:
  1. Google pagerank = 2,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 256MB, Disk 10GB,300GB bandwidth
  2. Google pagerank = 3,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 512MB, Disk 20GB,500GB bandwidth
  3. Google pagerank = 4,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 1GB, Disk 30GB,1000GB bandwidth
  4. Google pagerank = 5,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 1.5GB, Disk 40GB,1500GB bandwidth
  5. Google pagerank = 6,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 2GB, Disk 50GB,2000GB bandwidth
If you can't link to your site :
You can get a 512M Xen VPS 30 days VPS Free Trial with $1.95 setup fee if you don't meet our free vps requirement.Click Free VPS Trial for details.

Term of services

free vps  requirement details

- English website which has real Google pagerank >= 2  and website built at least 6 months

- Top domain name required.   such as .com/.net/.org/.cc/.de/.in

- You need add dofollow backlinks to your website index homepage at least, add links to all pages are welcome.  add links to the first screen of your page are 

welcome. Don't put links in javascript and please use different color from background. 
- Website content related to technology is better,  content of music/movie/game/link-factory/proxy/adult  are NOT welcome
- We will manually check your website and reserve the right to reject 

Spam & Unsolicited Communication
- Spam == Termination. There are no second chances.
- No Solicitation
- Port 25 was forbidden,please use 3rd SMTP service with 465 port if you need send register welcome email from your website

VPN/PROXY, Torrent,Music files/Movie files, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Networks and Adult content
- NOT allowed

Other Content
- We enforce legal DMCAs without reservation.
- Phishing/Scam/Shock content is strictly prohibited.
- Child Porn == FBI at your door. No exceptions.

Resource Abuse
- Affecting other clients will affect your tenacy.
- You are responsible for `poor code`.
- `Accidents` happen once. And only once.


Free VPS ? on 19 July 2013 at 20:26 said...

It really work . i lost a whole day to search but now i'm free :)) thx for posting this

Blogger on 1 March 2017 at 22:43 said...

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HostingR Social Ambassador on 4 July 2018 at 16:28 said...

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