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Secret way to Get 1000+ Facebook Likes per day Easily and Fastly

Getting Thousands of Facebook likes fastly. Easy and totally free method.  Also you can get YouTube previews, Subscribers, Page views for your Website,google plus ones, twitter followers etc .

I am going to reveal you a secret to get more than 1000 Facebook likes per day. You can get not only Facebook likes but also you can get Twitter followers, YouTube previews, Subscribers, Page views for your Website etc by this trick. By using this method you will get unbelievable amounts of likes. Don't believe me! Just make a try yourself! And then believe YOU!

Step #1. This trick that I'm going to reveal you is only working with Mozilla Firefox browser. If you don't have Mozilla Firefox browser browser first of all download it.

Step #2. Then you have to install iMacros addon to Firefox browser. Click here to download iMacros addon. (Just wait 5 seconds and click "Skip" at top to go to download page of it.)
Then simply drag the downloaded file to Firefox browser and select Install.
 Click here to download iMacros addon.

Step #3. Then Download this script file. Click here to download it. Then go to Documents\iMacros\Macros folder and paste that file in this folder. (C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\iMacros\Macros)
 Click here to download the Script.

Step #4. Now open Firefox browser. Login to your facebook accout. (If you afraid to use your own facebook account you can just make a fake account ans use it)

Step #5. Now Register Here. Click here to go to it.

 This Addmefast website allows you to exchange Facebook likes. Normally you have to like to pages and then your page also will get likes. By using out trick you can automatically like other pages. Your PC will make Likes for you. OK let's go ahead.

Step #6. Now you can add you Facebook Fan Page by clicking Add Site/Page. I recommend you to set CPC rate as 10; then you can get more likes quickly.

Step #7. Now go to "Facebook Like" tab.

Step #8. Click on "iMacros" addon icon in your Firefox browser. (You can find it near the address bar of firefox. If it is not there restart your Firefox. Or otherwise try again do Step #2.) Then iMacros add-on can be seen in the left of your browser.

Step #9. Now select AddMeFastAutoLiker.js and  click "Play" button. Then you have to enter a value for "Input the number of Facebook loops." in the window appears  Set 500 or any value you want and click OK.

Step #∞. That's all you need to do. Allow it to do it automatically and do your another work. You can see that automatically increasing your points. Then you can get Likes for these points. Please don't forget to comment; If you don't clear anything just comment and I will explain it to you.

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