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Making Ultra Hidden Folders – Hide Folders with more Security in Windows

There is an easier way to protect your folders by making them ULTRA HIDDEN in Windows XP, vista, Windows 7. By using this method you can make more hidden and unsearchable folders. OK Let’s start!

Step #1.  Open the Command Prompt. ( Just press Windows Key + R and then type cmd and press Enter or go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt )

Step #2. Go to the path where the folder that you have to hide is located.

Step #3. Then type the command attrib +s +h folderName and press Enter. ( type the this command by replacing folderName with the name of your folder. E.g. If the folder’s name is “docs”, use the command asattrib +s +h docs)
If the name of Folder has a space (e.g. “My docs”), type the name of the folder inside quotation marks. (e.g. attrib +s +h “My docs”)

Step #4. To see your folder again, you have to repeat “Step #1” and “Step #2” and then type the command attrib -s -h folderName . It will show your folder again.

Or otherwise you can enter to the folder by just typing the folder path in the address bar. (This way is better because you can access the hidden folder without making it unhidden)
See the below example to understand it clearly.

Suppose that I need to hide the folder named “Docs” which is located at D:\Examples\Docs

You have to go to the folder’s location by the command prompt. (First type D: and press Enter, then type cd examples and press enter to locate D:\Examples )
Then you can type the command attrib +s +h docs to hide the folder named “Docs”.

To see the folder you can type the command attrib -s -h docs . (Or otherwise you can simply typeD:\Examples\Docs in the address bar and press Enter to go into the “Docs” folder.)

Why this trick works?
This simple trick will turn your folder into a hidden, system folder. As the System folders are kept more protected, your folder will be invisible and unsearchable.

Is it not working?
This trick works as, by default, the option Hide Protected Operating System Files is enabled. If this option is not enabled your folder will be visible. You can see this option in Folder Options > view. (To go to Folder options in Windows XP go to Tools > Folder Options, In Windows 7 Organize > Folder and Search Options. Now you can change that option as your wish.

Step #. Protect your Folders easily and enjoy! Don’t forget to give us your comments.


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