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Steps To Become a Pro Web Developer - Career In Designing

 The qualifications for a bright carrier increases every year or you can say it hikes on a monthly basis. The main reason is the way our civilizations have been attaining improvement in various fields of science, technology, finance, politics, etc. But when it comes to a job in a web development company also this rule applies. You want to build up a successfully carrier in web development you need to be having the skills to keep up with the latest trends in web programming like the new programming interfaces. HTML5 is an example of such new and revamped language that can help you build a successful carrier in web development services.

When we are talking about carrier, we are not talking about just getting a good paying and comfortable job. A carrier should have the opportunity to grow and enrich both the knowledge and experience of the person and help him reach a more secure state of income and responsibilities. For this at first you need to secure a good job in any of the reputed web development company after you have earned the necessary skills to do so. This is the reason why today we will discuss How we can transform our career and become a Web developer to earn more money. 

        Learning the Basics Of Web Developing XHTML-CSS:

XHTML and CSS is the language we use to create a gorgeous websites so if you have not created a website before or may be if you did with the programs like Dreamweaver but you wanted to know more in depth how to make a stunning website. Then by learning XHTML and CSS you are talking once step forward towards becoming Pro Web Developer.

What is XHTML and CSS:
XHTML stands for (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language) and CSS stands for (Cascading Style Sheets) these are the names of computer language. Basically without XHTML and CSS  a website will be like an empty pot as XHTML is a basic structure of a website while CSS brings life to your website by styling and makes it attractive.

Let us do a demonstration here so
  • Go ahead and open up your web browser I hope you are using Google Chrome  as it is the best in my opinion
  • Just go to any website that you like may be and now go ahead and right click anywhere is the page and click "View Page Source"   

  • Now a new window will be opened and you will be able to see all the computer language and I am sure that you really don't know what it is. This is mostly XHTML and CSS all the little symbols like <div> <div class> comes under XHTML and CSS.

         Learning Web development from Ground Level:

Learning web development skills should not be much difficult. You can gain a college degree after high school which specializes in web development or you can opt (pick) for a wider alternative of taking an engineer’s degree in computer science or information technology. The main aim of working in with good web development services after your education is to get a first hand feel of the industry you are getting in to. Working with an experienced body of professionals will help you start your carrier with help from experienced people. You can build your carrier from ground up in such an experienced company. Following are the courses you must learn to become a successful web developer 

Learning Designing (Photoshop): 
  • Why To Learn: Photoshop is one of the most used photo editing software it allows users to create and modify beautiful looking clip-arts and vectors. It is very important for every web developer to learn Photoshop as it allow us to design a high quality site based on colorful graphics.
  • Estimated Cost: This course will not cost more then $300 
Learning PHP Language:
  • Why To Learn: PHP is a general coding language originally designed for web developers which allows then to produce dynamic web pages. It is the first developed scripting language which was scripted (embedded) into different HTML documents. PHP works in dynamics basically it collects data and provide all the information in a convenient manner, which allow us to access all of its statistics in split of second.
  • Estimated Cost: We can Learn PHP in $100
Learning Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Why To Learn: Asp.Net is one of the most popular web application framework manufactured by Microsoft it allows programmers to build dynamic pages (Like PHP) for a website. Basically is mostly used to prepare web forms which is based on a combination of HTML, server controls, and server code.
  • Estimated Cost: This course is the most expensive, worth more then $700

       Starting Your Very First Web Development Company:

Once again you will have to encounter a fork in the road. You may have to choose between building your carrier as a part of the web development company and forming your own firm with a bunch of fiends or coworkers or hired employees. Starting a web development firm won't be a highly difficult task if you have learned how the industry works and you have the basic managerial skills and knowledge to get the business float. It would be a good idea to stick around in a good company or the company that you have worked with for a while in order to gain the necessary knowledge to manage a web development business.


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