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The Only Way Of Hijacking a Facebook Fan Pages

A common internet user thinks that "Hijacking a Facebook Fan Page  Need's much effort or skill to accomplish" but thats not true at all due to the lackness in security at social networking its as easy as you like,This is the reason why Most of fan pages are being hacked every single day.There is no technical science behind hijacking a page,you don't need to be a professional hacker or hijacker

The reason why its so simple to hijack a Fan Page is due to the Bug in Facebook security.Which allows to remove pre-existing admin from the page,it allows one admin to remove other admin.How Facebook account is hacked

So,its time that facebook developers step out and develop a new function in facebook pages which makes the original admin un removable until he remove him self as the admin of the page.

so today we will learn how the whole cycle of hijacking a fan page works.

How Your Page Could Be Hijacked:

The only way to hijack a Fan Page is to ask the owner of the page to add you as a  admin,it will be a really stupid thing if some one adds an unknown person as an admin.But if you did add him then due to the Facebook page bug the new admin will easily remove you from the admin of the page.

Facebook need to do the following technical changes to make Facebook fan  pages more protected from getting hijacked
  • Either they did not allow to add new admins,
  • If the allowed to add new admins then they should restrict new admins from removing the original admin.
  • They could add a new feature in fan pages like adding Page Author which will only have the privilege of doing posting on the fan page.

How To Prevent Your Fan Page From Hijackers:

To protect your self from hijackers you don't need to learn any thing,no technical reading,just see the following steps which can prevent your Facebook Fan Page from hijackers

  • Never ever accept any unknown friend request that you receives from Facebook users i.e Male,Female.
  • Never ever give admin privilege to an unknown person who is in your friends list.
  • Remove all unknown user from your friend list.
  • Never click on an unknown link at Facebook don't use any unknown App (Some apps at Facebook note's your Username and Password,when you allow the app basically you are allowing the app to control your whole account,so beware from such unknown apps and links)
So its important not to make an unknown person admin of your page until you fully trust the guy,Now Facebook should take some steps to protect there pages as the comptition is getting more and more difficult after the succesfull release of Google Plus.If Facebook want to continue there domination in social networking they must increase security to provide user friendly experience.What do you feel?,Does Facebook need more security?,Give your opinion.Till then peace blessing and happy securing 


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