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Is It Possible To Hack Facebook Account Login & Password

Facebook is the most popular social networking website this is the reason why it is an ideal point for hackers to test there abilities.If you are thinking that Facebook is un-hackable then you are getting it all wrong,that was the golden time when we never worried about hacking but now as the time passes the world has changed dramatically and these days almost any thing can be hacked.Facebook has billions of registered users which still thinks they are protected as they are still believing Facebook account can't be hacked.

We all are unaware of the fact the term "Hacking a Facebook Account" refers to hack a Facebook account from full proof working methods like Keylogging , Phishing , Social Networking engineering and etc and the other term "Cracking Facebook Account" refers to crack a Facebook account from Bruteforce Password attempts , Dictonary Attacks , Brute Password Discovery and etc 

Keylogging Tools:

It is a action which is used to trace a certain key typed by a specific person on his keyboard,Basically its a method to detect what other person is typing without letting him know that his each and every activity is being monitored.There are uncountable keylogging methods available on internet which includes Tools , Software ,Applications , Hardware and etc.

Brute force Password attempts:

This is the most used and working reliable way to hack a Facebook account without getting trace.Brute force  consist of  combinations of many Password  attempts from high to low with all possible combinations,until it reaches the correct password.The only problem with this tool is it takes lot of time to crack due to password complexity. 

This flow chart represents how much time it will consume a computer to hack a  password of a specific length per 10,000 attempts,the time could be reduced if high speed processors is connected to the computer but still if you are looking for a fast method then you should skip it as it require lost of patience,only if you are not lucking to find the password in first attempt

Dictionary Attacks:

It is not so different from Brute Force Attacks but from it you can save your precious time,in Dictionary Attacks you can select parameters,you could select specific word list , choosing the correct words depending upon the situation ,list of popular passwords to attack a certain IP or website.Its a lot more quicker method which is the only thing makes it better than Brute Force Attacks.

Is It Possible To Hack Facebook Account Login & Password

Getting back to what we were discussing before.Hacking Facebook account is not that much difficult then it looks,you can use a wide range of keyloggers which are available on the internet to  hack a Facebook account.

A Facebook account can be hacked by a certain keylogging file which is prepared with keylogging software which is .exe extension and when every a victim opens the file all of his login details will be emailed to the hacker.

Due to many brute force attempts by hackers Facebook has done some changes in there security,to reduce login attempts they had introduced "Account Lockout" which prevent your account from brute force attempts.Anyhow you could still use it as a minimum Facebook password is about 6 in length which is crack able at quick pace as shown in the chart above.

But still hacking is considered as a crime but as the time is running the hackers are getting more and more advance,quick steps should be taken to make your self protected.If you have any question on or off the topic feel free to ask.till then peace blessing and happy Securing.


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