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How To Do Auto Posting In Wordpress With Rss Feeds (Plugin)

AutoPosting is a powerful term its main job is to do autoblogging.If you use Auto posting software it will turn your whole blog into auto-pilot and will provide you fresh and unique content every time.But if you search for a good Auto posting software it will cost you,so today we will show you how you can use Rss Feed to get automatic content updates without doing any thing free of cost.You can use Rss Feed Auto posting to share your content on your different blogs.After you implement Auto posting all you have to is to sit back and enjoy.Currently this feature is only for WordPress.How ever many different scripts are developed to do Auto posting in Blogger but still its not officially released by Blogger.How the process of Auto Posting Works with RSS.
Important:This tutorials is only for educational purpose MEGABLOGGERLAB is not insisting any one to implement it.To work Risk free you must use your own Rss Feed content to distribute it to your other blogs.

How It Works:
To make it working you just need to point your Rss Feed to the selected blogs.And then whenever you update your blog with fresh content Rss feed bots will crawl that content and they will publish it to your selected blogs

1.Login To Your WordPress Administrator Account.After you logged in go to plugins >> Add New >> Then search for this plugin "WP Rss Poster"

2.After Searching you will get the search results.Now Install the first plugin which is showing in 
the search result i.e "WP Rss Poster" Press Install Now Button to start installing.And Activate 
the plugin

3.After activating the plugin a new feature will arrive in your toolbar of WordPress i.e "WRP

4.Now to get started go to WRP >> Add Campaign and now fill the details
  • In Feed Url insert your Rss Feed Url
  • Select posting status to post immediately 
  • Select Author of the post
  • Select Publishing date
  • Chose updating hours.
  • Assign a category to this Feed

And After inserting all of your details save the Campaign.You can add multiple campaign by 
following same steps 
5.If you want to Auto post manually go to "WRP" >>campaigns >> And Press Run Now to 
start auto posting manually

From The Editors Desk:
If you follow these steps as directed I am sure it will work perfectly.Its important to only auto post your owns Rss Feed.Don't use this plugin to violate rule and requlations.Don't try to copy some one else content if you do so you might face difficulties.If you need any help regarding this or any other topic feel free to ask Peace Pals:)


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