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Add A Contact Us Form Widget in Blogger

Contact Us form is always prove it self important for any publisher.Its an important way to communicate with your visitors in a convenient manner.Not only it will help you to improve your services it could also make your community more reliable as user will able to communicate with you live with out any barrier.But Blogger does not provide this service you have to work a bit to make it working for you.In Blogger users can communicate with comments but they cannot send you a private message so its better to have a contact us form to make personal stuff private.So today we will learn How to add a contact us form in blogger before we start adding it lets look at its features

  • Its Free to use no need to spend a single penny
  • Its have anti spam protection in form of Captcha to stop spamming bots
  • Send and receive unlimited forms
  • Stylish Contact us form with mouse over hover 
  • Email Required to stop spamming
  • Don't need any registrations

Its very important to have a contact us form as user use it to send there feedbacks regarding your services.So adding a contact us form is a smart move to make your audience feel the this community has good standards.So let us start working with out wasting any time

1.Setting Up Contact Us Form
Go to and select the fields you want in your contact us form i.e Title,Name,Subject,Email.You have to specify which fields are required. These required fields must be filled out by the user or the form will not be submitted.

2.Doing Advance Setting (Working on Forms Look)
Now in this step you have to customize the look of your form fine tuning the look according to your website.Select Background Color,Font Color,Font and Font size and proceed to next step

3.Target e-mail address:(Where You Will receive Contact Messages)
Now you have to insert your email address when ever any user will contact you an email will be dispatched to your email address.and now press Create Formular to get the html embed code

4.Creating a Contact Us Page in Blogger:
As you have a embed html code now you just need to  create a contact us page.To create it go to >> Page >> Create A Page >> And Paste the embed code in the post description give a title to post and publisher the post

From the Editors Desk:
So that how you can add an contact us form in Blogger.To make it more appealing you can add contact us in your navigation bar so people can easily send you their queries.If you feel any difficulty feel free to ask  


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