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Comment Policy:

MegaBloggerLab is a blog deals in Blogger Tutorials. We are an online resource site that provides quality tips, tricks, templates, widgets and all the other tools that are essential to enhance your Blogger experience and Your Blogger Blog. The ideal way of improving our resource is to interact with each other within our site though utilizing comments. To provide quality based comments, we have a strict policy to fight against spammy comments.

We do read and appreciate each and every comment publish on our blog, but if your comment would violate our policies, then it will be removed. Nonstop abuse of comment policies could result in a Permanent Ban of the IP Address, Email and the domain used. 


Commenting Name: We do not allow rubbish keywords in name field area. However, anyone can use his/her name while commenting on our Blog. 

Do Worthy Comments: 
A comment that is irrelevant or has nothing to do with the original content would be removed. Such comments misguide readers and in the end it turns out be a wild goose chance.  All these types of comments would be either Edited or Deleted. However, SPAM Comments has no place on this site.

Limited Linking: We always adore resources as they can provide some extra information to a person, but in order to maintain quality and avoid SPAM we have to maintain a balance while leaving a link in comments. Do not add more than two links in comments. If anyone failed to do so, then his comment may have to face further review. Do not add backlinks in comments that points to your site. 

No Abusive Words Permitted: Since, this site is an open resource for everyone that doesn’t mean a person has the liberty to say anything to anyone. If any person found using Slang or inappropriate words, then his IP would be banned without any further notice. Our goal is to provide quality tips and tricks while keeping the atmosphere clean from all the messes. 

No Personal Attacks Permitted: Let’s be fair to ourselves because we’re here to learn and share our expertise. Try to keep your personal clashes aside and contribute for the humanity. No personal attacks are tolerable in this blog’s comment.  However, you have the liberty to argue about the content, but not attack the Blogger, or the commenters. If anyone fails to respect other, then he may face a temporary ban from commenting.

All Right Revised: MegaBloggerLab Editor’s has the rights to edit or delete any or all comments. Furthermore, we also have the right to ban a person from commenting. Failure to follow the policies may result in a permanent BAN.  

Hold Harmless: MegaBloggerLab Team is not responsible for any comment. All the comments within MegaBloggerLab are the responsibility of Commenters.  By submitting a comment at MegaBloggerLab, a person is agreeing that he is the true and the only owner of the comment’s content. MegaBloggerLab and all the representative of it are harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability.

If anyone has any query about the comment policy then without any hesitation he can contact MegaBloggerLab Support Staff through our Contact Us Page.




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