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TWITTER WAY - 50-125$/Month

1 - Create a account (free) (you can use a temp mail)
2 - Grab some RSS from any niche (justin bieber, food....) and put them in
3 - Create 1 twitter account with a pretty niche name
4 - Configure (route settings) your Dlvrit route to add HASTAGS before/after every automated tweet (#YOURNICHE)
5 - Then just read this article to put your A.D.F.L.Y as shortener
6 - A) send random traffic to your A.D.F.L.Y. links and real people from twitter will clic too. You're account will be less flagged AND they'll enter captcha for you. You follow me Smiling
Cool Send traffic to your twitter profile page : On this page you'll see all your links, the bot will randomly clic on it. By default JingLing is configured to go 3 pages deep. So it's perfect for us. On JingLing enter HTTP no HTTPS ! And maybe try with your Twitter mobile profile page, load much faster, so you'll have more clics !

Don't forget you even can tell the bot to clic on a "mathcing string" in our case we'll search and click on "A.D.F.L.Y.".
I use only method A, my friend use both.
BUT don't forget to put your # about your niche in dlvrit. Dlvrit will also be able to grab on autopilot some # from the RSS feed. You may use them too ! (in dlvrit route config)


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