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New visitor traffic INSTANTLY (literally in 1 minute) to your NICHES!!!

I've prepared this quick tutorial for you on how to get instantly traffic to your niche websites (repeatable) which can convert well - I've used this every time I needed some boost for new niches.

It can look like this:

[Image: FS412kR.png]

Content Unlocked:

To do this we are making accounts on reddit.

[Image: xwCS2qN.png]

Luckily for us we don't even need to verify email or anything annoying,
after account creation we are ready to start.

1.) Choose a subreddit which matches your niche the most, for example RP codes go to /r/leagueoflegends, CoD to the call of duty subreddit etc. - if you can't find any, try to choose a category, like /r/gaming.

In our example we are using the league one.

[Image: QW40P6I.png]

2.) Now two ways where we can promote. Either the top comment right on the page as you can see it in the image, or pick the top of the section "new" . The "new" has the advntage that you'll be the first poster, so all will see your link. The top however is checked b


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