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Is your website Responsive?

Is your website Responsive?. 

If you are starting a website for your Business, Personal blog or some purpose, is it responsive and Mobile friendly? If responsive web design term is new to you, don't feel bad, I promise your with the majority. Responsive web design is that adjusts itself to fit on desktop, tablet and Smartphone browsers. Did you ever experience a website on your Smartphone and it was just a very tiny version of what you see on your desktop, so you need to zoom to read the content in the website, and so moved the website around and enlarged and shrunk it as required to read text and click on things? That was not a responsive website. A responsive website looks good no matter whether your looking it on a phone, tablet, or desktop. 

Is responsive enough for Mobile Web?. 
No, Responsive is not enough if you have lot of visitor to your website from Mobile because Smartphone and Tablet browsers support Html5 and java script but not old devices with symbian and Java based Mobile browsers. So, a separate lite version of website is necessary to serve them. A separate Smartphone version also provided by them to increase the user experience by reducing the image and size which will reduce the bandwidth usage and increase the loading speed of website. 

How I can detect and load different design for Web, Smartphone and Mobile?. 
Dont worry about that w3layouts providing a Package of every web template contains PHP script which will take care of detecting device and loading design compatible to device. 

Below I have selected some stunning Free Responsive web Templates by w3layouts.


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