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Why kids should not play 3d games in PC

 The new technology is trying to make the virtual world as closer to real life as possible. But sometimes they are pushing the things too far and the new technology can really harm your body! Especially when this new digital content is most of the times addressed to people in younger age, meaning our children. And children do have their bodies more vulnerable to the harsh environment compared to us, adults.

One of the most spectacular new technologies today is the ability to artificially produce 3D images. If you watch those pictures or movies in 3D you will feed an incredible sensation. There are TV and PC monitors that include this feature and really do not cost that much so they become more and more popular.

But watching images in 3D can produce a really negative impact on your kid’s body. This is because of the technology used to produce those images. Basically to produce 3D effect the device must feed each eye with a separate image and then leaves the brain to work on it and fuse them together to form a 3D picture. 

This mean it has to do extra work compared to 2D image processing. If you will watch for a longer time 3D content then your brain will work harder for a longer period of time and thus some problems may occur. 

Doctors had identified that the problems produced by watching 3D content are (depending on the person): headaches, blurred vision, nausea and dizziness. Some are even blaming 3D devices for producing motion sickness to a large number of persons.

If you know that your kids are very often playing 3D games for a long time than you need to take some action and protect them. The new technology may seem astonishing and leave you speechless, but if you pay a closer attention you will notice also the downsides. 


Pyae Thaw Aung on 15 December 2013 at 14:22 said...

Great article, bro. How about 2D?

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