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What is Yahoo Bing Contextual Network? How To Apply?

Are you Fed-up of Google AdSense because of their cruel behavior with its Publishers? Are you looking for a perfect Google AdSense Alternative that provides maximum earning opportunities to Publishers? If yes, then Yahoo and Bing have signed a legal contract with to provide a pure and user-friendly Contextual Ads experience to those webmasters who are willing to join their Program. Currently this service is still under observation (Beta testing). Therefore, it is not unwrapped for public. However, any one even a small publisher can request an invite, and if his website fulfilled criteria then the publisher has the liberty to place Advertisements on his website (Just like Google AdSense and BuySellads).  In This article, we will discuss more on Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads and will also learn how a publisher can apply for it.

       Why To Select Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network:

Since, Yahoo is not new in the advertising market. Therefore, they know all the tactics and basic needs of attracting a Publisher. However, in past Yahoo Publisher platform was not successful but this time the concept is extremely prominent, so one can expect more features from them. Following are the few robust features of this splendid platform

  • 1. Make Full Use of Power Advertisers: This platform gives access to the one of the largest marketplace based on targeted keywords. A publisher can select his advertiser on the basis of his chosen keywords. No matter, what your niche is? Yahoo | Bing has appropriate advertisers for your content. Moreover, those are not just ordinary ads they are High Paying advertisements.

  • 2. Keyword Base Targeted Ads: They have an automatic system that scans each and every page of a website and displays most appropriate advertisements.  According to them, “Our aim is to keep balance among relevance and revenue to deliver outstanding performance boost”. The main idea behind studying the content is to provide relevant ads so visitors won’t feel shy from them. 

  • 3. Creative Advertising Units: It allows to create advertising units in just a few seconds and can customize them to complement your website’s feel and look. Publisher can select from a variety of ad sizes, design your own or choose from ready to use styles. Is That Simple enough?

  • 4. Advertising Units on Autopilot: Mostly publishers don’t have enough time to design custom units. In this scenario, they can put any ad tag on autopilot mode, and the Yahoo ad specialist will take care of your advertising unit, performance and customization. in addition, Publishers can also take free of cost advice from the Yahoo Team.

  • 5. Don’t Lose Mobile Users: Nowadays, more and more users are using Smartphones to browse the internet, so it’s essential to have mobile based advertisements. Yahoo | Bing Ad Network supports mobile platforms i.e. (iPhone, iPad and iTouch), Android and Blackberry smart phones and tablets. It is deliberate by skilled developers so it would not affect the browsing experience of a mobile user.

  • 6. Track Performance of Website in Real-time: It also provides a publisher tool that allows to monitor all the ad impressions in real-time.  The reporting interface has all the information about your earnings. Just like other popular platform, they also provide graphical representation so a publisher can easily compare his earning without facing any hesitation whatsoever. 

Control Your Ads With Ease: No one knows his audience better than the Publisher, so this platform allows additional controls to enhance the optimization process according to your desire needs and prevent unwanted advertisement to be displayed on your website.

         How To Apply For Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network:

Since, this service is not unwrapped for publish. Therefore, to get into Yahoo Bing Ad Network people have to request an invite and if he fulfills the needs then he will be able to apply Yahoo Ads on his website. Is that Simple? Just follow the following instructions. 

  • Getting Started: Go to official Website and on the Right Top corner there will be a Button which says “Request an invite” just press it and proceed to the next step.

  • About The Website: Now insert your personal information i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone number, Site URL, Site Category and Current Ad Revenue. Make sure you enter the correct information because they have the right to eliminate your account if the information you provided is incorrect. After entering the Captcha code press Continue button. 

  • Account Owner Details: Now From here things would get more complicated. Select Your Account type, Select Payee name (Makes sure your Payee name must match the name on your bank account) then, Fill out all other personal information. Don’t forget to read their Terms and Conditions. If you’re Agree to the terms and conditions, than Press “I Accept” and jump to the next step.

  • Congratulations: has successfully received your request for an invitation to their web publisher program. It will take around 2 weeks to receive an approval or denial. Maintain patience, if you have quality content plus traffic then they will surely approve your website. 

         From The Editor’s Desk:

We think Yahoo is trying to compete against Google AdSense by giving opportunities to those publishers who are unable to get into AdSense. This is not the first time when yahoo is trying to unbalance the revenue of Google because they already had a Yahoo Publisher service, which was shut down due to  the continues decline in the shares. We hope this time it will provide some splendid opportunities to the publishers. What are your thoughts about Yahoo Bing Network? Do they have the capacity to Beat Google AdSense? Take a lot care till then Peace, Blessings and Happy applying.


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