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Pre-requirements To Design A Perfect Blogger Widget

People over and over again ask us, how MBL developers are able to create stunningly beautiful widgets for Blogger Platform in spite of the fact that it is not a robust platform in terms of optimization. Creating a widget especially for BlogSpot platform appears to be a tough ask because you have to play with lots of coding to craft a perfect gadget. Creating a modest gadget is extremely straightforward. However, if you are thinking to work as a PRO Blogger Developer, then you have to understand lots of things i.e. XML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Etc. Today we will discuss the pre-requirements that every webmaster needs to learn in order to design gorgeous looking widgets for BlogSpot sites.

           1. First Thing Learning XML Language:

XML is a must learn language if you want to design Widgets especially for Blogger Platform, because it is the only computer language that can be used on Blogger enabled sites without any hesitation whatsoever. If we go in depth XML is identical to HTML not entirely, but its few functions are similar to each other. Therefore, if you have command over HTML then learning XML will be a piece of cake because most of things in XML and HTML revolve around each other.

By understanding XML you can not only design spectacular gadgets, but can also utilize it in manufacturing delightful themes for BlogSpot sites because XML is the only language that is universally supported by Blogger platform.

          2. Understanding and Practicing HTML and CSS:

The second most significant thing that everyone should learn in order to create a widget is HTML it is the simplest computer language, which has made things lot easier for developers to develop magnificent gadgets. However, without utilizing CSS Style sheet your widgets will remain Dull and nasty so you also have to understand CSS coding to make things appear more fluent. Now you may be thinking of spending hundreds of dollar in learning HTML and CSS, but if you discover around the internet then you can find everything for Free. Following is the links of HTML Tutorials that will guide you from beginning to PRO in HTML.  Video Courtesy: THE NEWBOSTON YouTube Channel

         3. Learning The Art of JavaScript (jQuery):

The hardest thing to soak up is the JavaScript because it is too complex to handle. However, sometime without using any JavaScript you can easily create widgets but mostly you have to include (jQuery) to add much more functionality to your gadget. This is the reason why you will hardly find any Website that is not using Jquery because it makes things a lot easier. For Example, Almost all navigation menus use JavaScript in their Drop down which allows our visitors to navigate through different pages.

          4. Learning Photoshop to Design Widget before Starting Coding:

If you want to develop spotless widgets for blogger platform, then it is necessary to Master Photoshop because before starting to write coding every Pro Developer creates a rough sketch of his widget so he can easily work accordingly. On the other hand, you can utilize Photoshop in creating Stunning relevant images that will define your content quite brilliantly. 

          From The Editors Desk:

It’s all about studying things because the more you will learn the better you will earn. I Started to Study HTML about few months ago and was able to construct various remarkable gadgets especially for Blogger platform. In the coming articles, we will be sharing some Tutorials on How to Create Widgets for Blogger till then peace, blessings and happy mastering.


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