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How To File a Online DMCA Complaint to Google?

Content is the most dynamic part of a Blogger’s life. It’s the main recipe which not only makes him famous but also provides him lust of wealth. Unfortunately, thorns and roses grow on the same tree, in the same way we do witness some ups and downs in our life but one who stand steady win the race. Protecting our content from the content copier has become a pain of the highest magnitude, and still Bloggers are extremely worried about this critical situation. However, the world of the internet has so advanced that it’s extremely straightforward to wipe down these content spammers. To maximize our Blog’s security we have the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which helps Blogger to protect their content from the Content Thief’s. But is a paid service so it’s necessary that we pay for each and every content takedown request. On the other hand if you are using as your Blogging platform then you can take down numberless content without even spending a single penny, impressively it works with the perfection.
Following are the list of topics which we will discuss in this New Series:   

Protecting Your  Content 
Highlight#4:Complaining Google About Copyrighted Content Of Our Site - Current
Highlight#5:10 Final Tips to Protect Your Copyrighted Content

          How This Tool Works “Removing Content From Google”?

This tool is free to use you don’t need to give any extra charges to make use of this wonderful offer. If you are the original copyright owner, then you can not only remove your content from Google Search but has the freedom to remove it from any website which copied it without your permission. But you can only make use of this service if you are hosting your copyrighted work on Google Products such as.
  • Adsense:  
  • AdWords:
  • Google Play:
  • Blogger/Blogspot
  • Google+
  • Gmail
  • Google Music
  • Image Search
  • Orkut
  • Picasa
  • Web Search
  • YouTube
  • And Many More See Here

         How To Remove Your Copyrighted Content From Blogger/Blogspot:

If you are the original copyright owner, then without any stress fill out a Google DMCA report form to take down the website which published your work with permission. Remember: Only use this service when it’s most needed, don’t make false attempts.

Google DMCA Complain: To remove your copyrighted work from BlogSpot blogs, just visit this link BLOGGER DMCA FORM. As soon as you open this link you will be able to see an uninteresting form, which you have to fill in order to convince Google you are the original copyright owner.

Inserting Our Contact Information: Now here we need to insert our contact information, don’t worry it’s your basic information which will prove the identity whether you are the original copyright owner or not. Following are those things which you need to fill to prove your identity.
  • Name: Enter your first and last names.
  • Company name: Enter your company name if you don't associate with any company leave it blank.
  • Full legal name of the copyright holder you represent: Enter the name of the legal copyright owner.
  • Contact email address: Insert your email address, so Google can easily inform yourself about complaining.
  • Country of residence: Insert the name of the country where you live.

           Describing Your Copyrighted Work:

After successfully filling your contact information correctly its time to get a bit more serious, because this is the most crucial part of this entire form. Now you will be able to see three different text boxes, which we will use to define our copyrighted work. Remember: We are here to convince Google, so make sure you write purposely with correct analysis.  

Where can we see an authorized example of the work? : In the first box we will insert the location of our original copyrighted work. It means we need to insert the link of our website/blog where an authorized example of our work can be viewed. Remember: Make sure you insert one link per line.

Identify and describe the copyrighted work: Now in the second box we have to describe about our copyrighted work. For example “The snaps of the green grass hopper with cherry like spots and the black spider which can be observed at the URL below” or “My published post, “Blogging history”, is infringed by the text excerpted on the site, beginning with the text ‘The word Blogging consists of two words Blog and logging.’, ending with the text ‘But still its 21st century if the technology improves there is a lot more to offer.’”

Location of the allegedly infringing material: Now finally in the last box you will insert the link (URL) of the post where your copyrighted content is posted without your permission. 

           Finalizing our Complain To Google DMCA:

Sworn Statements: So now we need to take an oath that we are the legal representative or the original copyright owner by checking (Tick) the boxes present in the complaint form.

Signature: To confirm that we legally contacted the Google DMCA we need to signature on complain by writing our name in a text box with a signing date associated to with it.

Then finally press the Submit button. Now everything is done just waiting, within 10 to 20 hours Google will remove the content that someone copied from your blog. And here is the copy of the email which you will receive, if the complaint got approved.

Hello XYZ,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

In accordance with the DMCA, we have completed processing your
infringement complaint and the content in question no longer appears on
the following URL:

Please let us know if we can assist you further.

The Google Team

From The Ediors Desk:
So, guys I hope you will take benefits from this post. We are extremely sorry for delaying this series for so long. However, now we promise soon we will wrap up this protecting our content series in tremendous style. If you have any suggestion, shoot me your emails. That’s it for now guys till then peace, blessings and happy protecting. 


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