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Boost Your Blog Traffic With Facebook Fan Page

When it comes to social networking the first name arrives in our mind is Facebook. It’s been a real long era, since almost billions of people are using Facebook. The main idea behind the success of Facebook is to socialize the entire internet by starting relationships and interacting with your friends or family. But on the other hand we can also use Facebook in promoting our brand by creating our Brand pages.

The main idea behind creating our brand page at Facebook is to bring targeted traffic to our blog or website. Now a days almost every one prefer to have a fan page for not only to interact with their fans but to bring more audience to their blog. So today we will going to share How You can Increase your Blog or Website Traffic with your Facebook Brand Page. We will go trough the basics to the professional ethical tips.

1. Get Started With Fan Page – Basic Information:

Now First of all, when we create a page we should keep in our mind to select the correct information about the page. The basic information plays important role in defining your page, it makes awareness among the users what this page is all about. For Example: Any one who visits your fan page to learn more about your community, when he go through your basic information he does not discover any thing new about you. So why he should like your page since you are not telling them what this page is all about. Now to over come these problems, try to fill up your basic information with rich keywords.  Select those keywords which are related to your blog or website. Don’t over done it just make it simple.

     2. Build Audience – Asking your friends? :

The biggest headache of a fan page owner is to build audience. If you are thinking to ask your friend to like your page, then your approach is pretty childish. Try to think on large scale asking your friends and family to like your page, will increase your likes but it will not increase your readers. So if you want to increase Your Facebook Likes must read this Increase Your Facebook Page Likes in Bulk For Free

3. Design a Perfect Logo – Avatar:

Now to make your fan page look more professional, design an attractive logo. Try to make a logo with your website initials like for MegaBloggerLab we will use (MBL). You can use Photoshop or any other tool for designing. 

     4. Give your Fan Page a Perfect looks – Designing:

To attract the eyes of your audience try to fill your fan page with colors. Try to use bright color scheme with bit of dark coloring so your page does not look so dull. Add a cool Cover to your fan page. Use new features of Facebook Timeline to attract audience i.e. Highlights and Pin To top
Note:If you are not good at designing then no need to worry. Soon we are starting new series which will make you a perfect graphics designer, but if you are in hurry just leave your email address below and I will design a Logo for you

     5. Insert a Fan Page Like Box in Your Blog:

The best way to get fast likes is to insert Facebook Page like Box in your blog or website. This will increase your likes a lot. But if you want quick likes try to use Small Fblike Box Widget below your all posts in Blogger. To keep your fans up to date publish your posts on right time. Make a habit to post daily so your fans never lose any update. You can use some Facebook Plugins which will post updates on your fan page automatically See this Automatically Publish Website Posts To Facebook Page Via Rss Feeds

So these were the tips which will make your Facebook Fan Page more popular and it will also increase your website or blog traffic. So this is it for now stay tuned for more Facebook tips till then peace, blessings and cheers pals.


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