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20 Deadly Blogging Mistakes That Ruins Your Blogging Career - Part 2

Blogging is the nicest way to share our glittering thoughts with the entire world. But blogging does not seem to be that simple, to achieve success we require proper mind of view in a systematic manner. If we aim recklessly then we will see our self no where in this huge blogging world.Blogging mistakes are not the most unique thing in the blogosphere, like every ones knows about them but we are still repeating the same old mistakes. So its time that we rose up on this occasion, motivate yourself with dignity and try our best to over come our blogging mistakes. As we mention in the previous edition of Blogging mistakes that “No man on this earth is born with perfection as man learn from his mistakes and lead himself towards error free life”. So now it is time to press the accelerator and try our best to get rid of all our blogging errors. So today we will discuss the 20 Deadly Blogging Errors That Destroy a Blogger career

Mistake # 11: Copying others Hard work:

I can’t understand why people copy others hard work, we have witnessed it million times. Copying content is considered as a crime, if we copy others posts then we will be considered as a content thief. I don’t know why people are continuing the same trend of copying, its time that we come out from the shell and instead of copying we should concentrate on building our own unique content. After the Google Panda update, it is almost impossible to attain high rank in SERP by copying contents. Copy right applies to every thing whether it is an image, text, audio, video and etc. By copying content we not only prove our self guilty but our blog reputation would be doomed. If we continue to repeat copyright violation then our blog may face detention in form of getting banned from SERP (Search Engine Results) 

Mistake# 12: No communication with Audience:

To be honest this is the worst thing we ever do to our blog. For instance: some one left a comment on our blog, it may be consists of questions or some suggestions. There must be something that we can reply back. But if we don’t leave a reply then next time no one would comment on our blog again. Commenting is the most successful way to build audience as communicating is the best way to resolve confusions. As our blogs motive is to help other, not leaving them alone in dark.

Mistake# 13: Using extra ordinary English words:

No doubt English is a vast language full of stunning words but there's a difference in a website and a blog. Basically a blog represents friendly language while a website is based on writing skills with more complicated words. Feel like we are talking to our family or friends as our aim is to full fill the expectations of our audience. We have to try our best to make our post as simple as we can, that it feels like they are reading from a blog not from a high profile website i.e. Wikipedia, Encyclopedia and etc

Mistake# 14: No Photos – No interest:

Images speak better then texts, Photos are the vital source which provides quality to our content. Images add color to our dull content. I often try my best to support at least one image in each sub headings. Images are the true symbol of quality if some one arrived on our site and he found only text and text, he will straight away quit our site. So it’s crucial that we attach at least one image to our post.

Mistake# 15: Alone in the Race – Not joining Blogging Community:

Going all alone in blogging is not a good decision. Most of the bloggers has heaps and heaps of talent but they don’t know the correct way to transform their talent into words. So for every blogger it is must to follow a certain blogging community to stay up to date what the buzz is going in the blogosphere. This will not only give a boost to our blog but also increase our viewership.

Mistake# 16: No Promotion – No Audience:

One of the most common mistakes which kill a blogger career is lack of promotion. Promoting content is the most crucial part of blogging, it does not matter how great content we have. There is very high chance that we fail to bring traffic, the more you promote the better it will get. So if we are writing gorgeous content then we should not feel a shame in promoting it.

Mistake# 17: Writing for your self – Not thinking about audience:

The main aim of our blog is to help other, so we need to discover what our audience requires. Instead of writing for our self we need to commit our blogging for our readers. We need to read the minds of our readers what they want? what they need? Moreover we should communicate with our audience to learn more about their interest.

Mistake# 18: don’t Learn from PRO Blogger

Blogosphere is full of tons and tons of blogs while daily thousands of new blogger lands on the earth of blogging. No matter who we are, and what we do but we should keep in our mind that we are not perfect we need to read alternative blogs to learn more about the world of blogging. We need to keep our self up to date with latest trend, news and technology to take our blog to next level, don’t stay behind get motivated and when time comes step forward. I my self follow few blogs almost every day I read them to stay up to date no matter who I am but as I mention previously no man on earth is born with perfection.

Mistake# 19: Select a Specific Niche:

The biggest mistake we blogger commit is to work on multiple niches. We need to focus on a specific term it could be any thing but it should be one. By selecting one niche it allow us to work clearly on our defined mission of blogging.

Mistake# 20: Not Sharing Quality Experience:

If we want to take our blogging career to next level we need to share our personal expertise. By sharing our personal experience we are allowing our audience to follow the same steps, as we did when we started our blogging career. Sharing quality information is the best way to attract audience in quick succession. Most of the loyal readers only visit those blogs which share quality information while readers ignore those blogs which are unfriendly in nature.

So these were the most common blogging mistakes which not only kills a blogger but also ruins his blogging career. If we work as directed then for sure we will gain never ending glory no matter what ever the field is, as dignity makes a man perfect. That's it for now, till then peace blessing and happy learning.


Levis Raju on 11 February 2013 at 15:51 said...

You are exactly right dude and nice work....

Levis Raju

Hammad Ansari on 11 February 2013 at 16:52 said...

@ Levis Raju
Thanks Raju for appreciating us.

nakib mbw on 14 February 2013 at 01:25 said...

Very nice post man. One suggestion for you, add hover effect to your popular post widget it will make it more friendly.
My Bloggers World

Hammad Ansari on 14 February 2013 at 08:29 said...

@ nakib mbw
Thanks Dude! Keep Visiting.

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