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Blogger Updated It's Post Editor New Functions Added

We all have heard news about Blogger that they are working on Post Editor to make it lot more user friendly and already we can observe few changes in our Post Editor.They have not updated it entirely but surly  these minor updates has some significance.The update is still under progress but still we can talk about the few glimpse added to Blogger's Post Editor.

  • Adding H2 H3 H4 Heading Feature Included
  • Adding rel='no follow' Altribution

Update#1.Adding H2 H3 H4 Heading Feature included to blogger: 

Blogger has added a new function which usually revolves around SEO (Search Engine Optimization).This was one of the biggest problems about Blogger it lacks [H1],[H2] heading tags which has some importance in SEO but after this current update this matter is going to resolve.Blogger is now equipped with a new function which will add [H1],[H2] heading tags to your text have a look at it.

Update#2.Adding rel='no follow' Altribution In External URL 

And the second update is also relates to SEO and internal linking structure usually we use links in our Blogs but we forget to add  'rel=nofollow'  attribution to it which gave indication to SEO Bots to follow the link as we are recommending it.So here it is how you can add 'rel=nofollow' with Blogger's latest addition in Post Editor 

  • When you are inserting any link in Blogger with Post Editor you usually uses (Add or Remove link) tool.
  • Simply click on (Add or Remove link) tool,then new window will pop'd  up  and now you will observe sudden change. which is "Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute" you can now easily convert any link on your blog  'rel=nofollow' to by simply checking (Tick) the Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute Box

These minor updates will surly have some significance towards making the Blogger interface more user friendly.Give you thoughts about these updates weather they are good or not?.I have tried it every thing seams to be perfect.Peace Blessings and Happy Optimizing.


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