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SOPA and PIPA Would Eliminate Internet's Freedom

The main aim of  SOPA (STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT) And PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) is to stop one of the biggest cyber crime on internet and that is online piracy.Basically it is a bill which was passed by Us Government,just after 1 hour Lots of anonymous hacker's launched tons of attacks on the all time popular free file hosting website and soon after few days was banned by FBI now this website is no longer accessible.if you visit you will get this message from FBI.Here is the copy of the FBI warning

Most of the user's use to download paid content for free from different free hosting website's which contain Computer games,Songs,Music Videos,Movies and much more.What will you do if you create a software you work hard day and night work like a true developer,you publish your software just after a day your software is avalible on each and every website for free and your hands remains empty after so much efforts.

Wikipedia one of the most reliable and most trusted encyclopaedic launched protest against Sopa And Pipa to show its anger Wikipedia was closed for one whole day naming it Wikipedia Back Out Sink Sopa

In my thought's the bill against piracy is highly acceptable but on the other hand what small developer's would do those who upload FREE legal content to different free file hosting websites if Free file hosting website keep on closing due to SOPA (STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT) And PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) then this might be the end of internet freedom.


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