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How To Add Anchor Text (HTML Links) In Blogger Comment Box

Blogger is the most dominated platform,just because it is own by Google Inc so it's importance is very high.To make it's importance count you have to be good.You have to use it in an intelligent manner.Blogger play's important role towards Search engine optimization (SEO) if you use it cleverly you will get best results.But how you use Blogger to increase your SEO.Simply by using blogger comment form you can link your website and can build an important backlink for your website but Blogger comment form does not allow link so you have to do little effort to make this work.Anchor text is much better then a simple Html link.Anchor text is considered important by SEO Bots.So in this we will learn How To Add Anchor text in blogger comment form

<a href="URL">Title</a>

URLSimply Replace it with your website url.(Url must start from http://) ForExample
Title:Simply Replace with the text that you want to see as an Anchor text
After doing these change's simple go the the Blogger comment form and paste it there and just press comment now and you will see Picture Perfect Results

If you face any problem regarding to this or any other topic don't feel shy to ask.I will be really happy if I could help you 


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