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How to Delete All Yahoo Emails in Seconds Simple Steps

We all use different emails services Yahoo is the one which is mostly used all around the world,the main reason of using it is to communicate with your friends and family.We also need email address when we are registering our self on a website i.e Facebook and etc.Most of the user's use email as an advertising agent,they registered them self on large website due to which they get thousands of emails in a day but they don't know how to get rid of those emails so today i will show you how you all can delete all your bulk emails from your inbox in 2 to 3 minutes

Step No:1 First of all go to then its important you are using latest yahoo mail interface 

Step No:2 Click on you inbox and do as it is directed in the following Screenshot.Click on this function  then click on In Scrolling List (Show Preview)

Step No:3 Reload The Yahoo Mail and Again go to inbox this time you will see a scrolling bar

Then simple select all the emails with the slect option in yahoo or Press (CTRL+A) Shortcut then press Deleteto delete all your emails

Step No:4 Now just press Ok to Delete all your emails and thats all :D


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