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What Are Backlinks (How To Improve Your Backlinks ) ?

Backlinks Play most important role for the betterment of website's S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization). If your website/blog don't have backlinks for sure your website/blog will not ranked high in search  Engine's result.It is important to have backlinks for your website/blog otherwise your website's content will not reach its desirable audience.Most of peoples event don't know what does backlinks means and how we will use them so let us start with.

What Backlinks really are:
Backlink means to link your website from other website For example:if I have a website and I want to increase my backlinks I will simply search for a website/web directory which allow me to submit my blog/websites url.This is the easiest way to increase backlinks.There are many other methods to increase backlinks which i will teach you later

If you have a lots of backlinks but these backlinks are from low quality website For example:A website with fake Google page rank.These backlinks are useless so its important to make sure that the website you are linking with is not consist of fake page rank.If you keep on increase backlinks from low quality website it is useless for your website/blog

backlinks also play most important role in increasing you Google page rank.To increase you page rank you have to increase your backlinks as much as you can keeping in mind to link with high page rank websites.The number of backlinks indicate the popularity or importance of that website or page.


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